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My name is Shalaina.

Ever since I was young I have been playing video games. Throughout the years I have played games on an Xbox, a GameCube, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 3ds, pc and the most recent consoles I have played on are the ps4 and Nintendo switch lite. Despite playing all these games I was always been attracted to the music, especially the music of my all-time favourite game Final Fantasy X.


From there I would listen to anime music such as Evangelion and Gundam Wing and watch many anime shows. Some of these songs and music would help me write a couple of non-fiction stories as they often made me feel different emotions, for example, a certain song from FFX would always make me want to cry. After a while, I ran out of songs that allowed me to feel certain things, so I decided I would like to start creating my music to try and invoke the feelings I thought were missing.


I then decided to go to college to study Music Technology where I was introduced to sound design and the start of music composition. For one of our final assignments, we were given a short video clip that we had to create and put sounds to, my choice was Final Fantasy Spirits Within since I was already a Final Fantasy fan. As I was creating the sounds and putting them into the video clip, I found It was gratifying and I got great satisfaction when I played back the video, with my sounds, and the silent clip was transformed.


Although it was my first video, and not at a professional standard, it felt good to enhance the clip and create an atmosphere for the consumer. From there I decided I wanted to create sounds and music to enhance the visual media of an audience. I want to give the audience an immersive experience and get them to feel what is shown on screen on a sonic level.

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